Is there a future ?

When I was young, I had so many dreams.
So many dreams, that I coud not make a choice of a perfect one. All was special and perfect.
Cash wasn't involved, neither cries, neither downers, neither anger.
My world was full of happiness. I guess it was just a "rêve"...
I was very young and forced to prepare myself for the future...
A future never reached ever... I still wonder...
Why do I need to survive ?
Am I the world's enemy...?
Where do I get the armor from ?
Will this fight ever stop somewhere ?
Maybe when I will no more be part of this atmosphere...
I was young, happy, and ignorant.
Over-the-time, look who I became ?
Life soldier... fighting for a single reason, there is no time to complain. "take it as it come deal with it and make sure to benefit from it or its a waste of time" What they said...
I make sure the worse fail, is forever going to stay in my little dark box.
This could answer my many questions...
Purposely ignoring the others and forcing my way through life what I call "infinity".
Can future be reach ? Or shall I say no future for no dreamer.
Do not wake me up... I'll stay powerful only with both eyes close.


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