There are enough pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 20:36 -- 30renew

To the bystander,

What is the use of a camera when it tapes a man falling?

Or when it films a woman drifting to her doom?

As her limp body breaks as she breaks the waves beneath

And a solemn mourning of those who witnessed looms.


What good is it to remember that day on the bridge?

Your family posing with a walking corpse yearning to leap

Unknowing as they snap the picture with your family's smiles

Just moments before a restless soul braves the deep.


Too many jump each year, raining like a fountain of regret

Feet slung over the rail; heavy thoughts will weigh them down

Until they fall like children’s toys down a thousand stair steps

And possibly have their remnants unclaimed or unfound


When will people learn to stop bringing their cameras?

Is it not enough to encapsulate its beauty with your mind

Rather than to mistakenly capture a gasp of life before death

When a saddened soul throws itself away to a steep decline?

-Brenna Gross

Dedicated to the people to have commit suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge- your lives were not meaningless to me.

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