As we sit here in this liminal space
Do you feel that?
Do you feel something?
Do you feel anything at all?
Truck stops along the 5 and
The middle of the woods
High school hallways on a Sunday.
You were pointing at the moon
But I was looking at your hand.
Muddy waters, suddenly crystal clear and flowing
I'm alone and on my knees in my bedroom
Carpet fibers pressing brain patterns into my kneecaps
Begging for something to come along and escort me out
Do you feel that?
This place echoes hallelujahs into the dips in your collarbones
Don't be afraid, the ghosts can't get you here.
Only the diners that serve pie 24/7.
There's been a ringing noise in my ears
That no one will answer
Sticky something left on a broken end table (for some reason, for no reason)
Am I making you feel lonely?
Do you feel something?
Gift shops in the middle of nowhere,
Gifts that say what- Wish You Were Nowhere?
My thoughts feel like the
Popcorn static on the TV screen
There is a triangular state to which I relate
I'm seeing things again, they might be there or maybe not
Grandma's living room, no matter what.
I miss the life I used to have.
This is getting too deep and I'm drowning
Or maybe you're pulling me under.
I was trying to make a point with this,
But now I can't remember what it was
(For some reason, for no reason.)
Do you feel anything at all?

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