Then and Now

I am not bright as the sun in the sky

Yet, I am bright as the moon

Lively and colorful

From an animated cartoon.


I smile for my family 

To make them proud

They cheer me on at soccer games

In a quiet-screaming crowd. 


Emotionally lifted with spirit

My family doesn't trust me

Now I am in a sorrow

That was not meant to be.


Until a goddess was summoned

Nurturing with her goods

She gave me back my life

And that I just misunderstood.


Back to once my normal life was

I eagerly am awaiting

For a rich life ahead of me

With a husband, wife, and baby.




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This poem is sweet and truly inventive




Way to be optimistic. I like how you take a bad moment in your life and overshadow it with a hopeful view of the future ahead of you. Keep writing on my friend!!!!

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