Theme for English 4A

Theme for English 4A “Who are you”  That question is echoing in my head constantly Who. am. I If you were just to look at my name A laila manaʻo paha ʻoe ʻo kaʻu ʻōlelo kamaʻāina Basi unaweza kufikiria hiyo ni lugha yangu ya asili But it is not and  that’s why you don’t know what that says Because I speak English If you were to look at me and see This 5’1, melanin, chocolate dreadhead female Den yuh probably tink mi taak lakka dis N mi do It’s the way that I am If you knew that I grew up in a neighborhood that constantly kept me up at night because of gunshots, police sirens,  and fights through out the night giving me crippling anxiety You would think I’m just a hood rat Bur i’m not  If you were to have a conversation with me you might discover some of the things I like Chipotle Singing  Dancing Boys Girls  Queer Telenovalas  And so much more.  If you really get to know me you see the ups And the down You get to here about how I went to Sesame Street when I was younger with my family You also get to here how that same family is broken and despises each other You get to here about how proud my mom was of me When I won my competitions and padgents You also get to here about how ashamed she is to call this queer, kinky, owner of her body, depressed girl her daughter You here about how I had my first kiss You also get to here about my first sexual abuse.  All these thing you can use to make Shape And mold my identity through your eyes But what about mine Slut Hoe Gay Bitch Victim  disappointment ALLLLLL these things are my so called identity But I never chose that I am not that I am the one who choses my I-dentity So who am I you ask. I am me. 

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