At Their Fate

Sat, 06/22/2013 - 15:29 -- jaimetb


Holding her hand like you’ll never let go

With trees and leaves and lilac scent

The sky with clouds you’ll never know

And rains you never knew you meant


Unaware of all these stars around

Let her remain to feel your heart

And pass this dusk ruminating in your sound

Soaking in your aura like a work of art


But all of a sudden the wind will change

She’ll hold you and laugh into your neck

Kiss your hair and smile just a bit strange

Turn and set out the foot of a trek


And you’ll come to wait there in the field

And the grass will stay as green as it was

But the atmosphere will lose its appeal

And she won’t come again though you hope she does


The winds here will have changed in your favor

And all the petals will be yours to keep

But the outcome will have a bitter flavor

Since away she went and away she leaped


You’ll learn not to wait for a dead flower to grow

Beneath her gentle hues, she needed you

There was no possible way you could’ve known

But she’ll hope and she’ll hope you didn’t need her too


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