Theatre Inspiration

For all my life, I have never had an inspiration, 

Never once had a role model in this big nation. 

Once it my time to join high school, I was surprised 

Never once did I know that I would find wonderful place in disguise. 

A place where I would find the magic and support, I always needed,  

I wanted to join this magical place, in hopes I would succeed. 

I was taken under my directors’ wings, within months, I have changed, 

And sooner or later, my plan for success was arranged. 

I discovered I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to inspire students like they inspired me, 

But hard times hit everyone including me and I wanted to flee. 

And in those times, I always remembered who my role models were,  

Soon, those hard time became a blur. 

My directors inspire me to be a successful young woman who has potential, 

A former version of them who has the essentials.   


This poem is about: 
My community


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