to thaw, or not to thaw

The "damsel in distress"
no longer has a romance to it
not to me
shut up, I won't shut up
I mean, it's not my fault I have purple butterfly wings
that no-one sees
It's not my fault I'm the moon
vast and frozen in motion
casting soft hope onto the darkness of your heart
the moon
Oh! If Hope were a celestial body!
There's a danger
in the floorboards
What am I afraid of? I am winged!
I now know
I am the one who built these walls so only I
can tear them down
with my white scarred hands
and my strong, fire-red heart
I had frozen the fruit
of every forest
blackberries rest in ice
concealing their life
Yup, it'll take a lot of blow-dryers for this one
I write these words while on my knees
praying to the poetry, my alter a page
there are hearts with suns inside them
red ones, purple, green
fluttering just out of my reach
I long for how they burn
silver roses
at my feet
they are half-dead too
like the fruit
Frozen in Beauty
hey, it's simple logic!
If they can't move, they can't get hurt, or mess up...repeatedly
my knees are bleeding by now
as the seashell hovers to my ear
and whispers
"or live"
and flutters away


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