That's what Love is

Love they say! That's what Love is!

But that just proves they don't know what love really is...

Love is you still being up at three AM dry out of tears,

beause their words of "I can't believe you" are still reading through your head from his text,

Love is you not being able to eat for two days straight,

because that small argument the two of you had which wasn't even your fault is still bothering you,

Love is giving up a thing that you should hold on to,

because though they whisper in your ear "I want you" it shouldn't mean losing your virginity,

Love is seeing them move on to another person and still going on with your life,

because even as they're ripping your heart out right in front of you kissing another person you don't react,

Love they say! That's what Love is!

No Love is something else...

Love is what you experience when you're smiling,

because you're loved by your family and they can't let you down,

Love is you crying tears of joy,

because your friend told you the most hilarious joke and you can't stop laughing,

Love is you screaming in glee,

because you got accepted into your dream college and you are proud of yourself for your acomplishments,

Love is meeting someone new and taking things slow,

because you know you're worth it and if they can't accept you for you then they aren't worth your affection,

Love they say! That's what Love is!

Because that's what Love is...


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