Thanks for the moments

the sound of his laugh, building from a giggle deep within his soul, the sparkle of his eyes under his long lashes, the serious tone in his voice talking about issues older than he, my baby brother.
the music, the laughter, the pre-show rituals, the hush of the audience as the lights dim, the shaking hands, the soaring harmonies, the loss of myself in my character completely, the eruption of applause as the curtain rings closed, the tears in my eyes as I say goodbye, the magic of theatre.
the sound of thunder and rain, of dew on the grass, of sunsets and sunrises, the rustle of the trees, the surprise of a rainbow reflected across the sky, the beauty of nature.
the hopes and dreams, of stargazing in a field in the back of a truck and dancing to the radio laughing at our love, of someday finally stepping on that stage and making my name and loving my life, of someday defying all odds and holding my own child in my arms with someone who loves me by my side.
the small moments, getting coffee with a friend, going out at midnight, the shared jokes, the small moments.
the people I love and the people who love me

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