Thank You is not Nearly Enough

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for you,

Thank you for support,

I know this thank you is long overdue.


You have taught me the way of life.

How to love,

And how to live,

But most importantly how to rise above.


Thank you for you.

Through the good,

And through the bad,

You have always understood.


I wish you only knew.

Knew how much I care,

Knew how thankful I am,

You were always there.


Thank you for support.

In school,

And at sports events,

You have taught me the rules.


You have taught me the tricks.

The tricks to success,

And the tricks to people,

I no longer have stress.


I know this thank you is long overdue.

I will always follow through ,

I am forever happy,

You have always been my glue.


I am now saying thank you.

I am tough,

And I am strong,

This thank you is not nearly enough.


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My family
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