Thank you for the help

Thank you for the help

Every day I walked in to your room you looked at me with wrath

Any paper I gave you, it was not good enough

When you asked the other wide eyed children what they wanted to be when they grew up, you would kiss them for their dreams

When you asked me, you spat on me and chortled telling me that I will never amount to anything

You told this to a sad little girl

What you do not realize is that instead of crushing this redheaded child, you inspired her

I came back year after year showing you my success

Proving you that my dreams are real and coming true

Once you were fired, I lost track of you

I have looked and searched for you, because all I want to say is 

Thank you for the help,

Without the motivation to prove you wrong, my life would be a mess

Because of you, a fire has burst inside of me making me prove anyone and everyone wrong

I will continue to walk in success with everything I do

One day I will shake your hand with a smile and say,

Thank you for the help. 

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