Text Me Hello

I would like to stay

And tell you the way

That I felt that night

When I looked at my screen’s light

As you typed; Hello

And I said; Hi

I would have never known

That we would have grown

Into the best of friends; and let me express

How you took away the stress

And I helped you chase your demons away

Because they left you in the dark as they say

‘You’re on your own!’

‘You should have known!’

But I stayed by your side

I didn’t hide

And we smiled and played cards

In our digital, haven-like courtyards

And waited for the danger to pass

But as we look through the glass

It begins to fog up and blur

And the smudges drive me insane

I see you fall and bleed

And I scream and bang on the glass in hopes of you hearing me

But then I look bitterly at the chain

That keeps me from coming to help you

The chain is called Distance, and it makes me blue

But you always come back; I knew you would

And I know I would never leave even if I could

You’re my friend and with every day that goes by

I still think of you and our time spent

Together but not together

Talking but not talking

Knowing but not knowing

That one day

We’d have to walk away

I’m sorry I thought of it

But I am a misfit

I know you are too

But you have no clue

The way I care about you



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