Testimony Part I

Remember Me, You use to love me but in the end I chose to leave

I can’t see myself with you, you broke my heart and now I’m thru with you
You say you never did shit, but my heartfelt trembling
I was used, abused, manipulated and I cry every time that you stipulated
That I’m weak, I beg to differ, cause I remember seeing you making All the errors
Each and every time I turned my head, I looked at you and asked why? why him?

You did me wrong, so wrong…let your anger out on me, and I stayed strong
Not knowing you had a hold on me, you see, wow I didn’t have the strength to plea
Cause you knew how to keep me in your play without a stage and you remained a part of me
That man with the power, I was dazed, so confused, was this a phase or did I have to choose


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice start
poem is incomplete
either add more stanzas or create a trilogy of the title testimony that reflects your message to readers


I agree with you, part II coming soon :)

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