Test the Waters


Here she is in treacherous water.
Here she thought she could saunter.
Amongst the darkest depths she’d wander,
Only to find she had grown fonder.


Here he dragged her beneath the surface.
Here, she did not know his purpose.
Around she swam in breathless delight,
Only a young lady dressed in white.


Here he lured his young maidens.
Here with a beautiful cadence.
Slowly but surely she would fall,
Only to be held in a thrall.

Here he spun dreams on his fingertips.
Here amongst his sunken ships.
He was able to manipulate her mind,
Only he not worry for she was blind.


Here she began to gasp for air.
Here she’d finally become aware.
Love is not found in the dark,
Only in the softest heart.


Here she would break through.
Here she would start anew.
Now that she is not blind.
She will give her heart to a man who is kind.
For love is not an easy find.



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