terminology for hopeless romantic

the term hopeless romantic,

serves nothin but a plastic,

point of view, that everything

and i mean everything, is perfect

what chaos could ensue?


sad nights and gender dysphoria

strains the exterior of this false utopia,

its nothing great, 

not up for debate,

end up staying up late,

imagining the could-be date,

but please just smash me with a heavy-weight.


you think you could conspire against the odds,

inspire fireworks,

aspire la amor

respire close up,

hold your breath,


take a quick gaze of her oh-so brown eyes,

you find yourself falling in love with them,

even though you never liked that color before


the term hopeless romantic is outdated,

with the assumption that romance thrives,

please tell me you don't believe these lies?


someone out there, who wont just stare

and who also feels the oh-so burning glare

from Thanatos himself.


Cause death is not as painful as this feels,

maybe we should rename the name,

its a hopeless, endless game.

and falling in love tis shame


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