Ten Little Sisters

Ten little sisters that are all mine,
I showed them the desert, now there are nine.

Nine little sisters decreasing at a slow rate,
I showed them some quicksand, and now there are eight.

Eight little sisters, good thing there isn't 11
One crashed a car, and now there are seven.

Seven little sisters who play with sticks,
I introduced a brick to them, and now there are six.

Six little sisters playing with a hive,
One poked it with a stick, and now there are five.

Five little sisters, OH what a bore,
I used a machine to make them exciting, and now there are four.

Four little sisters climbing up a tree,
One fell from 300 feet high, and now there are three.

Three little sisters all saying "BOO",
I pulled a prank on them, and now there are two.

Two little sisters fighting over a bun,
One bit the other's hand, and now there's only one.

One little sister stared at the sun,
She set foot on it, now thankfully there's none!


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