The Temple


Her body was a temple,

handcrafted, with exeptional curves

heavenly, lightly fragranced with cocoa butter and almond oil


She invited men inside,

and the temple began to cave in.

she let them snatch the jewels.

every undeserving man was permitted to view her

dead body shut tight in the coffin.

she loosened the locks 

coaxing them to pry it open,

and they did.

and it was consentual because

though she didn't care for them,

she craved their attention


She showed her passions,

allowing them to finger the wall paintings

and lick the forbidden fruits.

the same fruits she was saving for a crusader

who searched for her treasures, 

and her treasures only.


She let them penetrate her temple,

search it,

and drain it of all it's worth.

they vandalized the wall paintings, 

disposed of the fruits.

they raped the coffin,

taking her out and using the case for thier own selfish pleasures.


And as she observed the pilaging of her temple,

she basked in the glory of herself.

no matter how much they abused her temple,

she would not let them fuck her soul.


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