Tell Me Why

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 20:56 -- rnw101


United States
32° 30' 48.6936" N, 96° 46' 14.9304" W

Only in a nation
With the world at your fingers,
Can you lack consideration
And fuel bottom feeders.
You can see anything,
Read anything,
Be anything,
But the only thing you want
Is to be anything.
Tell me why we praise our celebrities,
Then degrade our military.
Why do we give the media our affections,
When it is only the frivolous it mentions.
Tell me why we fought for the right to vote,
When the numbers that do are a joke.
Tell me why we crave the latest and greatest,
When it is what we do that makes us.
Tell me why beauty is needed,
When it’s the grave we will be seated.
Tell me why we shout “Equality!” and “Freedom!”,
But when something new comes we say “Leave ‘Em!”
Tell me why we can do anything,
But the only thing we do is nothing.



Enjoy! =]

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