Tell me my love are

Tell me my love are you real or just an illusion . For my mind is filled with so much confusion . Because    I never known true love you see . It was an  unfamiliar word to me  . Then to my surprise this vision of grace and beauty appears before my eyes . With a soft gentle voice calling to me I'm here my love your finely free . Free from broken hearts gloom free to enter true loves room. She smiled as she retrieved a blanket from her sack spreading it on the ground then lying down on her back . I was nervous and timid you see .To think a creature that displayed her kind of beauty even could love a man like me .  But there she was on the ground her long brown hair flowing all around shining and shimmering in the night like the sparkling diamond in pear sun light . Her smooth white hand reached out to me an invitation to lay beside her you see . As I nervously laid beside her you see a calm and peaceful filling embraced me . Never in my life had I felt this way before could it be I'm finely at true loves door . My love my lady I don't want to sound ungrateful to thea but is a vision of beauty as yourself doing with me . With out hesitation this beautiful angel replyed my love you and I was always ment to be side by side . For you are the other half of me and together were both complete you see. Now it was finally clear to me why I had never felt true love you see it's because she always was my destiny. We finally embraced as lovers do .Emergeing into one nolonger the loneliness of two . Kissing her softly all over face even now my hands can still fill the curves that they traced . Real or an illusion she'll always be the one true love for me .



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