Tell Me


Tell me, tell me, tell me why you look at me that way

Your eyes scream everything that your lips don't wanna say

7 billion people in this world, somehow you're all alone

No matter where you rest your head, you're 7 billion miles from home


But when did you get to thinking that there's nobody left out there who can help you now?

I guess somehow the idea slipped between your fingers

But that same old wanting lingers

It's cold outside except for the light from your cigarette

And I'll bet that you'd rather be anywhere else in the world right now


Tell me, tell me, tell me why you won't tell me anything

This blackbird wants to fly away, she doesn't want to sing

Will she find her way back home, or will she fall into the sea?

She's like an out-of-tune guitar that just can't find a melody


Tell me, what's your story

Tell me, what's your name

Tell me why after all this time, you're still playing the game

Let go of whatever you've been holding in so long

Tell me, tell me, tell me what went wrong


When you fell out of the sky, back into broken dreams and lies

Did it hurt, or was it just another day?

And once you leave this place for good, leave knowing that I understood

Why you didn't tell me everything you wanted to say


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