Sat, 02/18/2012 - 18:13 -- poet

By Sarah

My little brother wants to die
in a burst of fireworks,
scarring retinas
as he explodes across the sky-
except he didn't say it
quite that poetically.
I try to be amused
when he says,
"I want to die with a bang,"
because its such a cliche
for a ten-year-old boy
and because I can tell
that he's lying,
even if he doesn't know it yet.

Bue as we sit there
in a basement illuminated
by fake Hollywood explosions
and shirtless movie stars
beating the shit out of each other,
fear stirs
from where it sleeps
coiled in my stomach,
raising its head ad blinking.
My brother is energetic, whiny;
wants to marry his classmate
Rhiannon when he grows up,
and play professional baseball.
The air around him crackles
with dreams, with life.
My brother is so alive
that when he dies,
I want to believe
that the world will die with him.

I decided today
that my little brother is immortal.
Don't try to tell me otherwise.



Raw, moving and just so evidently present. I imagine this poem being recited as a movie or TV goes off and I would sit to wait for this piece. I was so moved by the love and honesty. When you said: "My brother is so alive
that when he dies,
I want to believe
that the world will die with him."

It seriously choked me up! So beautiful! One thing though, fix the errors "Bue ( I am sure it was supposed to be but) at we sit there" and "raising its' head ad ( and ) blinking" You do not want ANYTHING to take away from the intensity of this amazing poem! Just beautiful <3


This is the sweetest thing ever

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