Teen Zombie


Dead, rotten flesh falls from my face

Mouth agape, jaw hanging my a thread of skin

Eyes yellowed, and maggots crawl out from every orifice in my body


I hear some then I hear none

The things I hear are not worth listening to anymore

So my half-dead ears tune in and out for me

I escape, think about the life I had when I was alive


It was a happy simple time, a care-free 7-year-old

No one could ruin his shine until one day I  ran into traffic

Trying to catch the ball of sunshine that rolled into the street


I lied there in the street, blood flooded the day old tar

People walked over me not even caring

they even said horrible things about me

They decided to just bury me in Cobb's Creak


They spat on my impromptu grave laughing as they left

The deer, foxes and rabbits all pissed on hand that sticked out from the ground

years later, I crawled out, the memories all too freshly cut like a wound

My eyes were all dried out from the salty tears that were there


I wasn't even fully dead yet! No one even cared enough to check on me

I'm sure a doctor could've saved me, but no one cared

I came to the realization that no one cared about me


I had no friends, no one to love me

I guess it is good that no one says I love you

Because it would be half-hearted


You let people in and they take your most precious memories

they take your darkest moments and your fears

and use it against you like a weapon


It's a good thing my  heart rotted away years ago

My brown eyes darked, the whites in my eyes no longer

No dreams to be crushed, the hopes to be shot down, no heart to be broken


I'm content. But there are times when I do wish I was alive


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