Teen Struggles

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 10:30 -- Karter


I embody the life of a young teen that’s struggling.

Going through high school not knowing what’s coming in.

I’m so obvious, making a decision that’s affecting the people that i'm living with.

Its killing me knowing fact that what I’m doing is some bull s***

Experimenting with things I shouldn’t touch

Knowing if the world here’s about it they gone clutch

Getting brain washed everyday

Doing what’s wrong and end up sinning everyday

People pray to god that I turn from my wicked ways

Cuz I take too many chances with the devil

So they say

I been dead since my innocence faded away

Inside these walls I fade to grey

I never wanted to be

But im still holding on cuz its okay

Guide that inspired this poem: 



At the moment when i was writting this poem my thoughts came from negativity that i saw around me and how i felt about my situation 


This poem is awsome, I like this poem because it is true, the world is full of violance, doubt, misuderstanding, and confession with a bullet. That's why my favorite part  of this poem is when the author wrote "I'm so obvious, making a decision that's affecting the people that in living with" but life is not always ended with a bullet it ends with peer pressure from other teens that has been effected in the mind that doing wrong is the right thing to do. Therefore, I also liked the part when the author wrote " I been dead since my innocence faded away"

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