Tears for a Stranger

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 11:37 -- ccabang

It was cold in the car so I kept my hands

under my legs to keep them warm

When they spoke their voice trembled

I stared out the window at the barren desert we called home

"No matter what happens, just know that I love you. Ok?"

The colors of the sand and sky blurred together

Now it was me who couldn't breathe.

They continued to tell me why they were hurting and I continued to pretend like it didn't hurt me too.

Like clockwork I stepped off that curb

I hurried into the atrium and was met with

"Hey!... What's wrong?"

I don't know why

I had kept it in for so long

Your embrace was the only thing holding me together

in the middle of the hallway.

I told you why I was hurting

And you used your sleeve to wipe my face

I appreciate you lending your strength

for a brief moment

Especially when you didn't have to

You could have walked away

I still remember your face and what you wore that day.

I remember your name

I wish we could've been better friends

I see you online sometimes, and when I do

I remember that day I gave you my tears and you let me.

Thank you, stranger

For being a friend.

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