Tears Of Love

Alisa, you’re my conquest; you’re my wife
Darling, when you’re beside me,
You brighten up my world like the light of day
My happiness is being where you are

I recall the night you cried tears of love
We stood beneath millions of stars
The ancient moon was so bright
And we listened to the silence of the night

We looked into each other’s eyes
Then we moved our faces closer together
You were respiring heavily in the chilly air
And your heart was palpitating

All at once time appeared to stand still
When I felt the touch of your lips,
I almost lost consciousness in your arms
No other girl had kissed me the way you did

Darling, I saw tears of love on your cheeks
And I knew that you were really mine
Your love for me swept away your heart
Do you remember that winter night, Alisa?


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