The Teacher Named Poem

Jeffrey B. Johnkins



The Teacher Named Poem


Mr poem is speech and song.

Usually metaphorical,

but always structured. Mr poem was introduced to me

When I was thirteen. Teaching me another way to speak.

Out loud to others. Full of colors. Making my words burst in

A world filled with gray.

Mr Poem

Taught me too see the light.

To ignite

My family and community in a way that makes you standout.

Mr Poem gave me the speech

Taught me the words

Gave me the combinations of nouns and verbs

Mr poem can talk about anything

Politics or business

Entertainment or history that is ancient,

Mr poem tells me to close my eyes

Amd think of all the wonders in the world. Imagine never

Being able to compile your feelings

Or thoughts into words.

Then adding a rhythmical sound

There  you  have it. Mr Poem A powerful speaker

Yet sounds that can  bring weaker emotion.

A teager of nation


“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper,

That we may record our emptiness.”

― Kahlil Gibran


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