Teacher Of Love

If someday you tried to teach me love
You told me; I have the time to love you
to conquer you to hug you,see?
this is what a love do but you left,
what that serve you for?
You tried to teach me all about love
and if you tell me what love meants
No No No
I dont believe you no more go more
I already dont want to hear your words
Of what is not love love love
Yes you told me that your oxygen was erased
when I left of your life
your forget me and you remember me
at the same time
How to tell me that you will come back
if you used to believe you
the teacher of love
why you failed?
you didnt graduate perfectly in life
you didnt learn enough at home and around
If you want I can give the ink with which one day
I loved you.
-Jonatan Vega


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