Teacher Dismiss


Everytime i make noise you tell me be quiet and i wish you would.Whats the deal with the homework,are you doin bad or good? Seems to me you have alot of spare time on your hands.When you're outside of school do you even make plans.I hate the sound of the chalkboard so i wish you not write.Speak your mind teach and help us pass your class.Please dont call the principal if i slipup and say "ass".I study all day and night and still dont know stuff.Im tryna figure out are your teaching skills good enough.You dressup everyday and go nowhere or have no one to impress.But yet you complain on the way the students dress.I've had a long day so can i take a rest? Would you mind teach if i lay my head upon my desk? I rather take my knap then complete that stupid test.I use to love school until i enter my class with the preacher.But the things i have spoken is stuff i cant say to my teacher.....

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Spoken words thought throughout my head.Words i wish that i could of said....

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