At first they're painful, but then they get sore

At first they're exciting, but soon start to bore

Yet people still stick them on their skin

Only rarely regretting their sin


And that can make anyone wonder

If one can accept such a permanent blunder

Why is it so hard to act on a feeling

That one must take a lot of effort at concealing


Why is it so hard to do something the first time

One hears someone's laughter that sounds more like a chime

And why is it so easy to put something on one's skin forever

But yet say to one we love "never"


Never shall you go through the pain

Of Cupid's dreadful aim

Never shall you suffer the wound

Of only being part of someone's background


Like the tattoo sticking faithfully where it was first put

Wherever it was from the top of one's head to the bottom of one's foot


But then it turns into routine

Like getting addicted to caffeine

The tattoo becomes part of one's body


Just as anybody

Can become a habit and not a friend

That will stick like a tattoo to the very end


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