Like a tattoo

is ancient say I love you
because what I feel goes beyond say two words
with your hair so inspiring,planting more love but love mean more no matter what you say about love and no matter what they say about life.but I have to move decide forgiveness and to say that all I want is you and yes there was game in my heart but it already happened, sorry to past loves but I will have to move say that my new love is like a tattoo in my skin in the deep and interior.designed as a beautiful roses full of fresh opportunity with such fine fragrance of wanting love,but everything is like a tattoo so full of color and also I tell you my love,yes i recorded your name on me was my decision.
But if you fail love I have to throw what was beautiful for me what it was not new and incandescent It can be erased in my mind so strong every step when I want so hard but if you find the brightness with which use to live with the right person will realize you still need.


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