It's funny how this machine could get you so excited. It gets me excited.
Simply seeing the coils and the cords, the needles and the inks in their cups.
I fill up with such happiness and ecstasy, it's amazing.
They give me such a high and keep me happy for weeks.

They cost money however, money a mother like myself doesn't have the freedom to spend.
They take time, time that a single mother of a two year old does not  have.
They just make me so happy though.

Nothing ruins my mood.
I have the most fun I've had with my little boy in a long time all because my spirits are now lifted.
I'm well within my skin, so deep in my comfort zone..

So I buy my own supplies and work on myself.
Drugging myself, Oh so content.
I love the sound of the buzzing and the sight of the needle moving so fast in and out of the skin.

I can honestly say, I'm addicted to tattoos.


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