Taste The Rainbow (Trayvon Martin Tribute)



I'd like to know your favorite color.

Maybe you have more than one, but it's okay.

We all taste the rainbow one day

So tell me its red.....like the dark crimson slowly seeping slowly from your soul.

Bullet burned flesh and you know the rest.

The man's rage like a fire that grew but he never knew.

He never knew that you were bright like orange-yellow suns but- 

We're still shunned...still drenched in darkness.

We built this gorgeous green earth from the ground up and he won't leave us be.

I wish he'd see that we live in one shade of of blue,

Like the sadness of having to witness your mother's weep

As she lays a kiss on your corpse cheek,

Or your father, man enough to show the salt in his tears and the sweat on his neck-

We're tired...We're tired...

Tired of being the minority.

Tired of having to walk past people who hide unnecessary fear,

Thinking that every time they see us, there is death lurking around every corner.

If you take the time to look closer, you'll find that the pigment in our skin

Is not the evil within, but stories told for hundreds of years.

We carry dreams of Kings on our shoulders and freedom rings on our fingers

So when we point in their faces, they shouldn't smell traces of gun powder.

They should smell respect, honor, glory, and pride.

Colored or not, we live under the same moon, the same sun, the same sky.

Isn't that enough ?


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