Tarzan &' Jane

Him? He's mysterious, she thinks he has secrets but he swears that he doesn't, He feels hes putting everything out in the open, Changing everything for one girl, He thinks is that bad? Been through different kinds of girls and this one just gets him mad, But he feel for her, feelings so deep, now he feeling he would kill for her, He hate they always arguing but he said that he'll just take it, ain't no use losing what's real to just downgrade to fake it, with this girl he gonna make it, She held em up when he was low and he never had say it, She make em feel like the man, &' he thinking when she have her problems she can always count on her man, She has a dream and he's gonna add to the plan. Her moms don't like em, she think that he can't but he gone show her that he can.
Her? Shes confusing, She feels like theres some secrets that he just hasnt told her, She gotta her own issues & she lets that shit control her, She takes it out on him but she loves him with her all, Sometimes she feel like she fucked up and don't know how to make up for it all, she just want her dreams, she just wanna ball, She just wanna motivate him he can have it all, She feels he has it all planned out & she loves that he dreams, even when things are bad they help eachother to believe, They're just Tarzan &' Jane, 2 Different struggles but a struggle all the same


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