To change a world that has yet to find its place amongst the Universe,

would be a challenge to its inhabitance.

In a world so full of anger and pain,

would it be possible to find peace without?


What if the idea of peace is just an "American Dream"?

Does that also make it unattinable?

What would I change?

It would be the ability for people to smile at eachother.


 I want the days where a smile was worth one-thousand words.

Where a day could be made with just the word "Hello".

A world where people can talk to eachother face to face,

without the fear of judgment,

and the thought of contact wasnt "old school".


What was it like to actually talk?

And to have people actually know your feelings?

When will I be able to show my feelings,

and have everything on the table?


When can we just TALK?



Need to talk?

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