Talented Poets

This poem is for every talented poet
You meditate and visualise day and night
And you work so hard on your poetry
I’ve never met any of you in person,
But your poems tell something about you
You deserve an award for originality
Talented poets, continue doing your best

Poetry is a mixture of mind and literary art
It doesn’t have rules and standards
Nobody can tell an artist what to paint
Likewise, you can’t tell a poet what to write
Don’t pay attention to foolish ideas
Such as, “strong words” and “weak words”
This is unnecessary and purposeless

You can use representation and imagery,
But they’re ambiguous and misleading
If you’re not concealing something,
Write your poems the simplest way
Ancient poets had their style of writing
You don’t have to write like they did
We all have the right to invent new ways

Poems don’t always have to rhyme
Write what’s in your innermost thoughts
Love, nature, culture, religion, anything,
It doesn’t matter whether it’s fact or fiction,
Choose whichever subject you prefer
And keep building the good vibes
I appreciate your work and I love you all


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