Take The Picture

I’m driving down the boulevard of broken dreams

Swerving and crashing, blinded by the high beams

The cemetery been gleaming like the heavens lately

Trying to be a grown man but Lord knows I’m a baby


I get down on my knees, I let my tears screams

I let my shouts cry, I pray I’m in a daydream

I can’t stand the rain, all I feel is pain


I inscribe these lines in reminiscence of your obituary

Paint you a perfect picture like a Pictionary

Capture this image quick while my shutter speeds

A bandit stole your youth, now these streets bleed


Was only sixteen, now you six feet deep

A casket planted was the graves new seed

Families, friends and communities weep while you sleep


They say my homie gone, but I think they lying, I feel his energy

I know he lying in remedy, so pour this Remy in his memory


Flowers and a stone mirror your image

And photographs make your memory last

It’s awesome how life and death brought us closer

And how you motivated every graduating class


With every second trickling like the hour glass

I pray this quicksand slowly sinks the past

It’s awesome how your grandma forgave your assassin

She wore his mother’s shoes too, who would have imagined?


Let bygones be bygones, don’t dwell on the past

The lesson was to love your enemies, even the ones that blast

Life is like a soccer pitch, and heaven is the goal

Those hollow points hit your heart but never touched your soul


When life gives you lemon, make lemonade

Pour it up, drink the pain away

It is written that your sorrow will turn to joy in the Holy Scripture

Turn a negative film to a positive image, get the picture? 


Rest in paradise soul brother

We'll see each other again

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My family
My community
Our world
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