Take the Guns Away!!

Take the Guns Away!!

Children’s lives are at the hands of a killer.

Screaming for help. Our children are screaming for help.

Take the guns away!!

Why fight a bullet that’s gone astray?

My life is on the line.

Pow-pow, there it goes,

Students are afraid to walk down the hallway.

They’re afraid that next step they take might be fate.

Guns are firing, pow-pow, there it goes.

Some of these killers are just looking for a show.

Some of these killers were just waiting to blow.

 Why is it so hard to take the guns away?

These students just want to live another day.

Ride, hide, get under the desk,

The police are coming, they should know best.

Pow-pow, there it goes.

Take the guns away!!

 Where are the police?

Our children’s live are on the line,

And they’re taking their sweet time.

Why are they waiting outside?

Seventeen lives should not have died.

Ten lives are in pain,

Pow-pow, there they go again.

Please, take the guns away!!

How many more lives have to be taken?

Shall it be your child screaming for mercy,

Or should it be you pleading, “Please Don’t Hurt Me!?”

How did they get in?

The metal detectors should have made a bing.

We aren’t protected,

There are officers, detectors, and raids in areas that have not been affected.

I don’t want to go back there,

Can you please Take the Guns Away?

What’s taking so long Broward County?

Don’t you hear the shots ringing loudly?

The Second Amendment claims we have the right to bear arms,

But that doesn’t give you the right to keep letting us get harmed.

Pow-pow, there it goes again.

Texas, Georgia, California DO SOMETHING

You all allow open guns,

Now you see what they have done?

Do you not hear our plea?

Are you waiting on the day,

When that one bullet makes a turn,

Takes a life far too young,

Takes a life that only has just begun.

Pow-pow, there it goes.

We are begging you,

Take the Guns Away!!



This poem is about: 
My country


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