Take Away The Filter


Take away the filter 
And you will see 
You will see  
A brand new me 
Take away the options  
The photo games 
And you will see 
So much pain 
Look past the smile 
Upon my face 
The beaming smile and shining nature 
Are nothing but a brace 
A brace, No a shield 
A shield from the lies 
The lies I tell myself 
Attempting to feel good inside 
Take away the arrogance 
The confidence you see 
And you will see nothing 
But a naked, afraid me 
My mouth, its loud 
My tongue is nonstop 
With every word I say 
A piece of the real of me drops 
By now I am no longer me 
Who I am, I don't know 
Maybe I'm just a shell of myself 
Destined to the stick to the status quo 
You want to be like me 
Oh no you don't 
Unless you want to be nothing 
Nothing, but alone 
A stepping stone, on your own 
Forced into the danger zone 


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