A System of Rhyme

I feel a connection, No a disconnection. After deep inspection uncover a deep infection caused by constant rejection and lack of affection. I’m stunted by a loss in direction. My court is full of Objection incorrect selection. Forget about me and forget my deeds, on my carcass the crowd will feed. A ray of hope you may see. this is my destiny please tell me that you do not agree. Tell me that this isn’t me. I promise that I care. Ask you to do what I can not bare. This isn’t fair. Death has me gripped by my hair. Whispering his aching words in my ear, his one intent being to scare. My time is almost here, please don’t cry my dear. My spine stiffened with fear. My intent is clear, into my soul god shall peer. Heaven or hell for me is unclear. Disappear and reappear, My time is achingly near. I’m losing my mind, smile then force an “I’m fine”. Every crooked line is a design, a painful way to remind. I’m trying to shine, my existence feels like a crime. It has finally begun, I won’t even try to run. Forget about the rays of sun and days of fun. That’s all and I’m done.

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