the system

I wish i had the power 

the power to change the system

the system that claims so many innocent victims lives

so may unwilling suspects that can do nothing but sit and wait 

wait for the government to careful plan there life 

to absent-mindedly and inconsiderably over protect helpless children and teens everywhere 


i wish i could change the statistics about us 

the statistic that defines our lives

the ones that we are forced to live by like an unofficial rule book 

like a trap we were careful placed in because we were born to fail 

"kids in the system all end up the same"

a fraise that is constantly repeated in our ear and after so long we have no choice but to believe it


i wish i could change it from the same old rule that give the same old results 

to fresh rules that may change our fate 

that may give us a chance to succeed  

an encouraged fraise not one that would make us feel worse about ourselves  

if i could change just one thing in the world i would change something that effects me everyday 

i would change the foster care system



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