Switch- Stella D’Vine

The cycle is never ending

My problems seem to be always pending

Who am I pretending?



I’m up and down

Running downtown

Throwing out the damaged crown


Smiling, laughing, crying

I should be flying high and not relying

My hands cracked, worn down, drying



The lyrical piano playing

My mind going into wonderland

Under the surreal

Under the nebula


I am free

Into the nothing

Into the galaxy



The stars painting your face

Not losing but gaining

Reaching out and attaining

Holding it and obtaining


Mystery and fascination

Making the nation into our station

Making you my only addiction



My brain going in to over load

Making you my overlord

Protecting me with your broad sword

Leaving nothing unexplored


My steps following yours

My heart following you blindly

My eyes seeing your world



Feeling my skin prickle with excitement

Never knowing that I’m constantly in a predicament

Never realizing my doom is eminent

 Blinded by the constant amazement


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