Sweet Beaut

​O sweet beaut, so fair and intriguing,
At the corner I’m waiting for you;
I’m scratching my head, and inquiring,
What on earth it were best I should do.

Oh! the beaut, so wholesome and coy,
For a pledge I’ll give a slim rosy reed.
Than the reed is she brighter, my joy;
On her loveliness how my thoughts feed!

O my sweet beaut, so elegantly-proportioned,
Under no comma will i forget it’s you.
I thought hearts skipping beats hyperbole,
How in real life could it be actualizing.

Oh! The beaut, so warm and tantalizing,
Could you be the reason for universe!
Than the Universe is she blazing, my gaiety;
In her presence my completeness recovers.

Ooh! my sweet beaut, ain’t she the sweetest!
Ain’t she?!


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Our world
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