Sweaty Palms


No idea when the chronic onset of sweaty palms first burst forth
upon thy totally tubular handsome grooves that criss cross the flat
skin surface of my hands. These lines called 'palmar flexion creases'
develop before birth. This modern day bipedal hominid i.e. human
primate attests (like the average person) two main lines across the 
palm but some have a single 'Simian crease'. Profuse outpouring of
perspiration (as if Biblical Flood gates opened) oft times directly
related to adrenaline coursing through every pore sans the under
side of my hands) reflexively followed by swiping said clamminess
(in vein) on clothing or woolen pocket size cloth brought along
with me everywhere I go (cuz a lamb might not part ways
with mother Mary (of story book fame), and this chap would shear
lee feel sheepish toting extremely cumbersome to tote in the event
this intimation predicated on decades worth of experience, when
in the throes potential such ordinary action strongly shaking,
grasping or holding hands took place occurred sopping wet
clangorous human clapper (which frenzied trickling akin
to a vicious feedback loop), my psyche feels under staccato
rat-a-tat siege from an enemy), the natural inclination
to withdraw myself from bad company of others helps
stave of self-consciousness. This avoidance of socialization
subsequently impedes any promotion of a hankering viz
genuine friendship, employment and desiring carefree
bona fide affectionate bonding with family of origin and/or
thy two precious progeny. Understandable per the human reaction
to shrink away and recoil quickly when pressed to touch
what feels like a wet poodle. Ah…courtesy I now know
sweaty palms sports a dignified name known as palmar
hyperhidrosis. Here all along (meaning the major of my LVIII
chronological timeline) this plague constitutes a bona fide medical
condition. Also reassuring to realize, this generic guy need not
count himself alone in the sopping wet wilderness re: this plague.
Such problematic health condition impacts, comprises, and affects
one to two percent of the world’s population. One Doctor
Demento Riesfeld purportedly makes hand over fist handsome
income. Will power alone seems a dauntlessly futile endeavor
to rid oneself of this disruptive condition. Try as one might
put a lockdown on the propensity for sweat glands (synonymous
with the term eccrine) are packed within sub surfaces of hands, forehead 
and feet. As to the sympatheticnervous system, the
body electric under stress activates said glands. Profuse moisture
dripping like a faulty faucet severely affected everyday activities
of my existence since a young adult. Frustration to complete a simple task
such as opening a doorknob, using the laptop, and even writing
concomitantly associated with droplets of water soiling green sleeves
to appear near saturated. Without fail inter personal ambitions hi-jacked
when wet as a dishrag hands found me disinclined
to experience social rejection. Though sprung from overactive 
predisposition to anxiety, these secretory organs get exacerbated 
with the honorable privilege of being gifted with panic attacks, 
offers little consolation.






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