the "survivor"

I'm asking you now, the person I will name

God, didn't you hear my prayers every day?

The youth deserves more than an empty hope 

and grey, 

but rather a future, one cherishing every day.


The hope of that light vanished, gasping her 

final breath

But rather than one of great force, it was small, 


Almost too silent to hear, but I heard it, she said:

Why did all my days have to come to an end?

A tear falls, but not from her eyes.

Not when you didn't just take her life, but also

took mine.

And every day as I feel my life coming to an


All I every wonder is: when?

Life drags me by chains of regrets and 


Rather than enjoyment, I live in secrecy.

Trapped in a past of beauty and grace

All I ever do is yearn to see your face, 

Selfish as it may be I must say,

I can't wait to see you someday.

This poem is about: 
My family



A bereavement lament expressed marvellously poetically and touchingly. God will help u move on and find closure if u pray to Him. Glad u didn't blaspheme Him too much. We should try to understand and rationalise and when we can't then leave it to God. Kudosfor how u write.



I see comments are not common here yet do Pleez do write your thoughts/comments on my newest poem too like I have done on yours. 

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