Trigger Warning: Suicide

I’m surrounded.


Shadows line my concrete walls,

Reaching out,

They pull at my knotted hair,

Dig silver nails through my skin,

Traveling through my chest

To play with the vessels attached to my heart.

I’m on fire,

Their demonic trails crawling through my veins,

I’m writhing in my skin,

One prick to release this tension,

One slice to drive them away.


My mind’s running marathons,


I’m trying to run away

But I’m entrapped by concrete,

Held back by shadows,

Blood pushing against the walls of my veins,


Relieve this tension,

Erase these thoughts,

I’m trying to run but

I keep getting blocked.


Blood on my hands,

My own,

Terrified of what’s close,

The shadows roam and roam,

Hands as a noose around my throat,

One prick,

Too much chemical in my insides,

I’m dizzy,

Need a release,

One slice and demons drip

On my floor

Warm blood gone cold

In my corrupt tight-woven home

I should never be left alone.



I’m sorry,

The shadows, they owned me

Lived in me, controlled me,

Too weak, I’m so lonely,


Give me peace,

It hurts, they will reap,

Hands shaking, can’t speak,

Please bring me-



I’m surrounded

By all of which

Tortured me within myself,

Took my life and dug my grave.

It could’ve been special another day.






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This is my feelings put into words. This was crafted beautifully and relates on a personal level. Thank you so much for writing this. 

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