I dont understand why this can be, almost all alone in this journey.

No one seems to see anything from my point of view.

Only a few see my perspective, it is even harder when your

own family doesnt support. Senior year is here. Stress,

anxiety, fear clumped up into a ball inside my head. I cant stop,

not now. 2014 is my year. But not before the anxiety and

overwhelming of work, work, tests, and projects. Ah here we go again,

thus the queen refuses to get off of her high horse. never listening to

me. I cannot stand the manipulation, and rejection. My mother doesnt

support my decision for my choice in college, Northern California is where i want to go.

But its not that easy for her. see we live in SoCal my home.

The opportunities were never limited untill this came up. I should've just shut up.

maybe because i am the first that has the possibility to pack up and leave this wreck

to a brand new city, they have doubt no they dont say it but the look on their face says it all.

maybe shes scared, or maybe she never cared for other opportunities. but this is me

and i know what i want. Depression, neglect, anger, frustration, all her confounding words.

i feel like a butterfly who has barley broken out of her caccoon with her wings that

just dried, but when i take the first leap they're still soft

and unsupportive. that my friends is my mom.


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