Sunshine after rain.


You always say;
"Sunshine after the rain",
Why do you blame it on the rain,
Which gets back the water stolen by the Sun?
When the clouds come, the sun flees as if it were a thief,
Full of Anger, it bursts into a storm, 
and in vain, tries to tell you what the story is all about,
but being insolent, you cross your legs in the parlors,
Did the sun ever try to speak to you?
The rain always did..
and then when the Job is done,
It leaves a rainbow to let us see what we could not hear,
It has restored what the Sun had ruined,
and released what the Sun had stolen.
And when the Sun is back, it's the same scenario.
What did the Sun leave when it ran away?
Take a new look at the rain,
Which leaves in sorrow,
and makes us live Tomorrow.


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