Sunny sunday suit

He dons a sunny Sunday suit
Yellow and black
Yellow and black
He dons a sunny Sunday suit
Color it, Pat
Color it, Pat
He is your creation
He is your toy
He dons what you dare draw,
What you yourself dare not wear.

He is walking through the paper, Pat
Walking through the paper.
He is coming to life
Stepping on your cat,
Making dinner in the kitchen.
He is alive, Pat.
And you didn’t even know what you’d done.
You didn’t even think anything had happened.

But he is your creation.
He is your design.

He is flipping through the newspaper, Pat,
Reading the daily mail.
He is signing all his bills, too late,
And fetching an old pail.
He seems just so human, Pat,
He seems like you and me.
But he is your creation, Pat,
And he was yours to share.


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