The Sunflower

You are the sun and I the sunflower,

Where you moved I turned to bask in your radiance,

Your perpetual sunlight giving me the strength for everyday.

I looked above and you went on your path to the West,

You looked below and all you saw was a flower.

The rose, the lily, the daisy, the tulip,

They were all your admirers, all your worshippers,

But I, the sunflower, was your faithful servant,

And consecrated the unending sky, your inhabitation.

Twilight forebodes the desolation which was going to come for me.

When the moon, oh the loathsome moon,

Banishes you from the sky,

I wept.

Not bearing to see the sight of the sky without your presence,

I turned to the ground.

Though there are many times the moon tries to induce me to worship him, like the others,

I could not.

For I am the faithful servant of you, the sun,

And even though you shall always neglect me,

I would always wait for the morning.


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